About Us

The Angel One Network provides some of the best Christian ministry programs available anywhere and is considered to be the flagship channel for Sky Angel Faith & Family Television. The history behind the channel is as unique as it is amazing.

The late Robert W. Johnson Sr. was the visionary who made Sky Angel a reality and the mission continues today under the leadership of his son with the same vision to take family-friendly programming and the Gospel to “every nation, culture and people.”

Angel One is intended to help spread the teachings of Christ to audiences all across the world. The programming helps empower people of faith with Christ-centered messages and features a wide variety of evangelical TV shows and personalities that can be enjoyed such as Joyce Meyer, James Robinson, and Jim Bakker. Angel One offers many more programs that help spread the message of God to homes and churches each and every day such as In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley, A Place for Miracles, Camp Meeting, and The Difference with Matthew Hagee.


Our Channels

KTV_LogoKTV* offers a variety of programming geared to each age group, including cartoons, animated shows, talk shows, Christian music videos, dramas, and musicals, as well as shows centered on creationism and social issues, and health and fitness.

For more information please visit the KTV website: www.KTVZone.com

angel2logoThe Angel Two* network offers programs that are entertaining and educational, promoting a healthy Christian lifestyle. We make it easy to spend time with family watching classic TV programs such as Lassie and The Lone Ranger.

For more information please visit the Angel Two website: www.Angel2.tv